Creating positive change in our everyday life to make the future more sustainable for children through raising awareness and education.

We think

  • knowledge and passion are power to create changes.
  • taking daily actions brings about change for sustainable future.
  • focusing on the future means focusing on children.
  • experience enrich life, and also lead to discovery of ideas and innovations for global social issues.

We can provide customized educational
programs and workshops focusing on:

  • local society
  • global partnership
  • mental and physical health
  • natural environment
  • diversity and gender

Our unique approach

  • Sports-centered SDGs
    (accelerate actions for SDGs through sports and outdoor activities)
    (learn teamwork, non-verbal communication and gender knowledge in nature/ extraordinary situation)
  • Child-centered SDGs
    (expand interest and deepen knowledge of global/ local social issues)
    (create opportunities for children to think outside the box about what we all can/should do for future generations)
  • Connection-building
    (have active connections with society, economy, environment and then take action)
  • Global partnership
    (develop communication skills, collaboration and language skill in international setting)
  • Experience-based / Project-based education