For schools (kindergarten, elementary, junior high and international) and children Supporting Program & Curriculum Planning, Construction and Operation

International and Diversity Education

For our children who live in the future and in the world

  1. Focusing on English and global diversity education
  2. Teaching important factors in the future such as respecting different values and collaboration
  3. Customizes programs to your educational philosophy, objectives and tasks
  4. Consistently manages the project from planning to execution in order to create a high-quality content

Experiencing in Nature/Outdoor, local culture, agriculture.

For nurturing rich mind, healthy body and broad perspective

  1. Creating and providing experiences that trigger expansion of perspectives and discovery of new interests
  2. Enriching your life by having fun in nature and exercising your body
  3. Having an opportunity to be in touch with PA, to challenge new activities, and to learn about local culture
  4. Programs combining English learning can also be arranged
  5. Customizes programs to your educational philosophy, objectives and tasks
  6. Consistently manages the project from planning to execution in order to create a high-quality content

Offering a place outside the school for learning

Touch the world and connect

  1. Through multicultural education, giving workshops and experiential learning in English
  2. Interaction using ICT tools and diversity education through collaborative works
  3. Activities that will gain you friends, widen interests and broaden perspectives globally
  4. Experiencing and learning Japanese local culture


Hospitality English & Global Communication

Companies in the service industry
(Retailers / Specialty Store / Accommodation / Food Service / Various Service Industries)

Hospitality English

Communication study

Today, English is the universal language widely used in the world. It is essential to acquire “English” and “communication skills” as tools to provide a heartful correspondence and high-quality service to foreign customers who are increasing in its numbers in future.

In the Universal Language

‘Hospitality heart’ of ‘Japan’

This is an English lesson that enables you to express your gratitude to the customer and to explain the real merit of the product and the company, hence providing great satisfaction to customers for them to say, “It was a very pleasurable visit.” and/or “I want to come back.” Program contents are all customized based on tasks and requests that will be discussed in preliminary consultation with you. We give practical lessons that prepare you to be able to show obvious improvement from day one.


Global Business Skills

Acquire essential skills and become competitive worldwide

Provide training programs and curriculums focusing on mastering linguistic of Business English skills that are necessary for global businesses.

Team building

Improve team power, and corporate power

Designing and providing educational programs focusing on mutual understanding among team members and gaining teamwork and engagement. We also provide outdoor programs done in nature; beyond the classroom setting.

Nature program
(as a part of your benefits)

Enhancement of Work & life

We provide outdoor programs for employees, as well as their families. Providing and building programs depending on your requests: be one with nature, learn more about agriculture, challenge outdoor sports, and/or experience local and regional culture.


Feel and experience Japan and its local culture. Interact with people in Japan and with people in the world.

Provide programs/tours that give you a deeper connection to and understanding of Japanese modern and/or local culture, nature, outdoor sports, agriculture, etc. Provide multicultural and diversified interaction opportunities. Offer unique and enjoyable programs and tours for foreign tourists to experience, as well as to organize an intercultural exchange event.